Scheduling an onboarding call is easy
After creating your profile you'll be halfway to becoming work ready. A progress meter will remain until you've completed all the steps. Tap 'see what's left' to reveal your remaining steps and schedule your onboarding call. Once you've done this, find and press the schedule your onboarding call tile. 

After you've clicked the 'Schedule your onboarding call' option, you will see an option to schedule a call. During the onboarding call, you will speak with a tilr Ambassador.

After clicking the 'Schedule a call' option, you will be presented with time slot options. From here, you can pick the time that works best for you.  

This call will help you get the most out of tilr. We'll make sure that your profile is set up and answer any questions you may have.

After you’ve scheduled and completed your onboarding call, there’s only one more step to become work ready and start receiving jobs! You will need to submit your free background check.

NOTE: If you become unable to take your onboarding call at the scheduled time or if you missed your onboarding call, you can reschedule your onboarding call.

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