Downloading the app
The tilr app can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android devices. For iPhone, go to the App Store. For Android, go to the Google Play Store. Simply search “tilr”.

Get started
Once you have downloaded the tilr app, open the app and you will be prompted to click ‘Get Started’. Review the information and swipe through the screens.

The page to Sign Up will then appear. Enter your information into the appropriate boxes. Once all information is entered, click ‘Sign Me Up!’.

Next, you will be directed to the Home screen. From here you can take the next steps in the sign up process by following the onscreen prompts.. 

Entering your skills
One of the first prompts that you will see is to enter your skills. Skills are one factor considered by tilr in finding the best matching job for a user. To learn how to enter your skills, click here.

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