Submitting your background check
To submit a background check, navigate to the Settings page on the tilr app. If you are within one of the markets that tilr operates in and you have completed your onboarding call, you will see an option labelled ‘Background check.’ 

When you tap the ‘Background check’ option, you will see a new screen that displays your current background check status. If you have not yet submitted a background check, you will see an ‘Incomplete’ status. To submit a background check, press the ‘Start background check’ button on this screen.

Ensuring your information is correct
After you've clicked the 'Start background check’ button, the information that you’ve inputted into the tilr app will be sent for a background check.  It is important to ensure that you enter your legal first name and accurate personal information for the background check process to be completed smoothly.

When to expect your results
Background checks are conducted by our third party partner, GoodHire. No personal information will be stored and this information will remain strictly confidential. Once this background check has been completed, you will receive an email notifying you of your background check status. Your background check should arrive between 1-3 days, but does differ by state and county.

NOTE: If you do not see the above screen, it may be because you are not onboarded on the tilr app. You will need to perform an onboarding call before you are able to submit a background check.

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