Building a job posting
After creating an account on tilr, you will be able to create a job posting on tilr. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, click ‘Create New Job.’ You will then see a box that allows you to select the industry your job would be classified under and to determine the title for your job. If you have created a template from a past job, you can also select a template on this screen.

Once you have selected the industry and job title for your open position, press ‘Save’ to move to the next step. You will see a draft of your job opportunity. The skills, description, date, location, language, wage, and number of positions for your draft will all need to be updated to make your job posting. 

Adding skills to the job posting
The first section you should update is the Add Skills section. Many common positions will have a recommended job template. With job templates, you can quickly create job postings using skill sets that have been tried and tested by tilr clients.

If the job that you are creating does not have a pre-defined template, or if you would prefer to add skills manually, you can add skills by clicking the ‘Add Skills’ button at the bottom of this section. Here, you can search for a specific skill or a job title.

Determining proficiency level for each skill
Once you find the skill or job title that you were looking for, click that job title. You will then see a list of skills associated with that position. Below each skill is a bar with numbers 1-5, which indicate the level of proficiency needed for a job. If your job heavily requires a certain skill, you can rate it a 3 or higher. Generally, the best practice is to treat the skill rating of 1 as a baseline understanding and the skill rating of 5 as expertise. 

Skills should only be ranked if they are needed for the job you are trying to fill. If any skill is nonessential or can be picked up quickly at the job site, you can leave the ranking for that skill blank.

Once you have filled in the essential skills for a job title, you can click the ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the pop-out box. You can add skills from any number of job titles. 

Entering general information about the position
After entering the necessary skills for a position, move on to the job description in the General Information section. It’s important to make your job description as detailed as possible. A detailed job description helps workers better determine if the job is a good fit and helps you stay organized. A good job description should let workers know know where to go, what they’ll be doing, and who they should speak to when they arrive.

Once you’ve created your job description, you can select the dates that you need workers in the Dates section. You can select the dates depending on when workers are needed. Click the ‘Add Dates’ button, then update the calendar to reflect whether you only need workers for one day, for weekends, or for a set of days each week. You can also set the shift start times, end times, and unpaid breaks from this pop-out box. Press ‘Add Dates’ once you have finished entering this information.

Now, you can set the location of the job in the Location section. If you’ve created a job on tilr in the past, the location of your job site will show up in the dropdown menu labeled Select a location. Otherwise, you can update the location of your position by pressing ‘Add a new location.’ This location should reflect where a worker needs to go for this position. Click ‘Add’ once you have updated the fields in the location pop-out box.

Setting the language, wage, and number of positions
The final sections to update are Language, Wage, and Number of positions. You will be able to indicate whether Spanish is a required language in the Language section.

Next, enter the wage that you will pay your workers in the Wage section. To the right of the box where you enter the workers’ wage is a breakdown of the total cost per hour by using tilr. The total wage is composed of your selected wage, a tilr 25% fee, a service fee, and taxes. 

Finally, enter the number of workers you need for your job in the Number of positions section.

Once you have filled out the details in each section on your draft, you will be able to save the draft, create a template, or set the job live and begin receiving matching workers. If you are ready to set the job live, click the ‘Create Job’ button.

NOTE: You will also need to enter your payment method before your job goes live and is sent to workers with matching skills.

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