Adding a payment method
After creating your account, you will see a banner on the homepage directing you to add a payment method. Posting a job on tilr is completely free - you’re only billed when workers go to work. 

tilr doesn't store any payment details and works with Stripe to provide a secure and compliant process of payments.

To add your payment method, click the ‘Add Payment’ link in the banner.

Selecting your preferred payment method
Now, you will see two options: ‘Credit Card’ and ‘Bank Account.’ From here, you should add the card or account associated with your company or with your company’s hiring. To enter a credit card, you will need the card number, CVC, and expiration date. To enter a bank account, you will need the account name, account type, account number, and routing number. Select whichever option best suits your company, then proceed by clicking ‘Submit.’

Updating your payment method
You can always check or update your payment information by clicking the gear in the top right corner and clicking ‘Settings.’ In the settings menu, select ‘Payment Information’ on the left side of the screen. Here, you will see your selected payment method. To update this, simply click ‘Replace’ next to your payment method.

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