When to use templates
If you’re staffing for the same position throughout the year, templates make it easy to quickly recreate job postings at any time on tilr. Templates can also help you quickly create postings with different shift times and different locations.

Creating a job template
You can create a job template when creating a new job opportunity or by viewing an open or completed job. Click ‘Details’ on a draft, an open opportunity, or a completed opportunity under the My Jobs section of the tilr web app.

After clicking ‘Details,’ scroll to the bottom of a page. Here, you will see the option to create a template. Click the ‘Create Template’ button.

Selecting a template when creating a new job
Now, the job you’ve selected has been saved as a template. When creating a new job, you will be able to select this template. Selecting a template will populate the skills, description, location, and wage on the draft of a new job. This means you will only need to update the dates and number of positions needed.

Ready to start recreating job postings on tilr with templates? Click here.

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