When creating a new job posting on tilr, you will be tasked with adding skills that workers need to possess. You can do so by clicking the ‘Add skills’ button in the Add Skills section when creating a job posting. This provides you full control of the tilr skills library and allows you to customize the skills your workers need.

Making use of recommended job templates
To quickly create a job, you also have the option to use recommended job templates. We’ve created a series of recommended jobs based on frequently requested jobs by tilr clients. After you’ve selected a job title and industry for your posting, all job templates will be searched for matches. Any template matching your selection will then be displayed under Recommended job templates.

When you find a very similar job template or an exact match, click that template to add it. Each job template has skills selected by tilr based on the skills most needed to succeed in each position. Adding a job template to the Add Skills section will replace the need to enter skills manually.

If you are unable to find a job template that exactly matches your job title, you can click the ‘Show All’ button to view other similar titles.

If your job is not yet listed as a job template or if you would prefer to manually input your skills, you can instead click the ‘Add skills’ button. To learn more about adding skills, click here.

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