Templates can be used to quickly recreate opportunities. To learn how to create a template from a draft, past opportunity, or current opportunity, click here.

Using templates to fill varying shifts
There are a number of reasons to use templates to recreate opportunities. One of the most prominent reasons is if you wish to fill multiple shifts at the same time through tilr. By using a template, you can simply edit the shift times in the Dates section of a new job posting. 

Using templates to recreate a job over time
You can also benefit from templates if you have a need for workers at separate times of the year or over the next few years. If you only need workers during the peak season in summer and winter, you can create a new opportunity using a template and edit the Dates section to fit your needs.

Using templates for multiple locations
The other common use of the templates feature is if you have multiple locations that need workers. Since location is one of the main factors considered in the tilr algorithm, it’s important that each facility has its own job on tilr. You can edit the location entered in the Location section when building a new job.

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