Making sure that a tilr Member knows where to go, what they’ll be doing, and who they should speak to helps you stay organized. It also helps tilr Members better determine if it’s a good fit and are more likely to accept a position with a clear job summary.

You will be able to edit the job summary when you are creating your job posting or by selecting 'Details' on a draft or a completed opportunity under the My Jobs section of the tilr web app.

If you are creating a new job opportunity or editing a draft or completed opportunity, you will see a section labeled General Information. Any information that you put in this box will be directly visible to tilr members who are matched with your opportunity. 

What to cover in a job description
A good job summary generally contains information about what tasks a worker will be responsible for doing, the requirements of the job, who to report to, what area of the workplace to go to, and any further information regarding your job opportunity.

Members want as many details about the job as they can get, because it guides them towards what they’ll need to do on their first day. Providing these essential details will ensure that your opportunity goes smoothly.

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