Matching based on skills
tilr is a platform that matches workers to jobs based on skills. These matches are made using the tilr algorithm, which focuses primarily on the skills of a worker and companies’ requirements. tilr is also title agnostic, meaning that we’ve moved the focus away from job titles to focus on what really matters: skills.

Independent contractor classification
tilr also focuses in independent contractor work. Workers on the tilr app are not employed by tilr or by the company requesting workers. Any worker on the tilr app is classified as an independent contractor when working the job assignments available on tilr. 

Schedule flexibility
When creating a job posting on tilr, you can determine the duration of the assignment. Jobs can last as little as one day or up to months, depending on what you need. You can also establish a temp-to-hire structure, which requires a conversion fee.

Cost effectiveness
tilr can also be more cost effective than traditional temp agencies and recruitment agencies. Companies only pay when workers go to work. A 25% fee, alongside a service fee, is applied to each hour worked. Some temp agencies institute a 50% fee or higher. Detailed pricing information for tilr can be found here.

To read how tilr’s process differs from a staffing agency, click here.

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