All workers on the tilr platform go through an onboarding process before they are eligible to go to work. The onboarding process consists of three main components: the skills profile, the onboarding phone call, and the dual-sided rating system.

Onboarding with skills verification
After a worker downloads the app, they can input skills that they’ve obtained from past job experiences. The onboarding phone call is intended to expand upon the data entered by a worker for a comprehensive skills profile. Because tilr’s algorithm matches people’s skills to requirements, it is absolutely critical that we work to ensure the data the algorithm is working with is accurate. To do that, we have designed skills verification questions to confirm the worker’s entered data.

Finding the best match through an algorithm
After the tilr Community Member completes their onboarding call and a background check, they can begin receiving opportunities. These opportunities are matched uniquely based on each Member’s skills. These matches are made through tilr’s algorithm.

Dual-sided rating system
Each tilr Community Member can also be rated during and after an opportunity. Every company using tilr has the option to rate their working tilr Members. This helps create a more robust algorithm that ensures the workers matched to an opportunity are qualified.

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