tilr matches you to job opportunities based on your skills. As you enter more skills, the jobs you receive through tilr more closely match your skills. We encourage Community Members to enter skills from all jobs they have previously held, regardless of whether they liked that position. Even jobs you disliked help you develop skills that can be applied to other jobs. 

Rating your skill levels
When you find a skill that you have, you will select a number of 1 to 5, indicating your experience in that skill. A rating of 1 generally means a baseline understanding, while 5 means expertise. You should rate yourself honestly, because if you overstate your skills, you may receive jobs that you are unqualified for. Rating yourself honestly will make sure that you are only matched with jobs that suit your skills. 

Adding all relevant skills
It is important to take a few minutes to go through the Skills page of the tilr app and view jobs that are similar to the ones you’ve held or in fields that you would like to work in. You may be surprised by all the skills that apply to you! You can always go back into the app to update and add skills. 

PRO TIP: Search for new skills using keywords like “communication” or “design.” Searching with general topics and interests will allow you to see multiple skills you might have missed.

To find out about skills you may not have known you have, read this

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