We understand that you might forget to check in or check out for your shift. If you have missed a check-in or a check-out, you should inform the tilr team as soon as you can. 

Updating your check-in or check-out in the app
You can add a missing check-in or check-out time from the Shifts & Payments page. To navigating to this page, click ‘Settings’ in the bottom right, then ‘Shifts & Payments.’  

If you check in for a shift but are missing a check out, you will be able to request a change to your check out time for that day from this screen. 

Contacting support
You can also send a message directly to a member of the tilr team through Support. To send a message to a member of the tilr team, open the tilr app, then click ‘Settings’ in the bottom right. On the Settings page, click ‘Support’ to start a conversation. 

Be as detailed as possible in your message, including the day you worked and the start and end time for that day, to help us solve your issue properly. A tilr representative can then enter your check-out manually into the system.

The tilr team monitors check-ins and check-outs to make sure that you are paid properly. If we notice any issues or missing times, we will get in touch with you to resolve these issues. 

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