There are two payment options with tilr - direct deposit and tilr prepaid debit card. You will choose the option that works best for from the My Profile page, located in the Settings menu. 

Adding a direct deposit account
You will be able to select your preferred payment method after clicking ‘Banking information.’ If you would prefer your earnings be deposited directly into an existing bank account, select ‘Direct deposit to my account.’

Once you’ve clicked this, you will need to confirm your personal information. Select ‘Personal information’ and ensure that the information is correct. Then, click ‘Account information.’

On this page, enter your Account Number and Routing Number. Then, select whether this bank account is a checkings or savings account, then hit Save. You will be able to view this information or switch to a tilr pre-paid debit card if you wish by returning to the ‘Banking information’ page.


Ordering a tilr debit card
If you would prefer a tilr debit card, you can order a tilr debit card to be mailed to you from the ‘Banking information’ page. This method is especially useful if you do not currently have a bank account or wish to keep your earnings from tilr separate from your bank account. You will see an option to order this card, if needed. Once you have ordered the tilr debit card, it will become your payment method. Make sure to only select the tilr debit card if you prefer using the debit card to direct deposit.

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