Since you are classified as an independent contractor when using tilr, it’s important to understand how 1099 taxation works. When you are accepting work opportunities through tilr, you will be classified as an independent contractor. After earning $600 through the tilr platform, whether this is from one or multiple opportunities, the amount you make will be reported as taxable income through a 1099 form. Each year, this 1099 form needs to be submitted by January 15th.

You will have access to your own payment history through tilr on the app. This information will be recorded for each payment you receive through tilr. You can view this information by navigating to the Settings page from the bottom right. Then, click ‘Earnings’ to see your payment history (Note: This option will only be available if you have already worked a shift on tilr).

As a 1099 independent contractor, you are your own employer of record, therefore tilr does not provide employment verification.

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