Every time that you check out of your shift on the tilr app, you will see a pop-up that summarizes your shift, including the time that you worked and how much you earned through this shift. On your daily summary screen, you will see three bubbles that allow you to rate your experience with the job you worked.

Selecting the appropriate rating
We encourage your feedback, whether positive or negative. You'll be prompted with three choices to rate your day:

Double Thumbs Up: You had a positive experience and you enjoy working with that company.

Thumbs Up: You had a positive experience.

Thumbs Down: You had a negative experience that day. You'll then be prompted to provide a reason and even the option to opt-out of the job.

Why rating your experience is important
It’s important to rate your experience, because it will give us a better sense of what type of jobs you are most interested in working. After having an awesome experience with your job, give it a thumbs up or a double thumbs up to indicate how your shift went.

Rating your experience will also allow us to notice any major issues that tilr members are having with a company that we work with, such as in cases where multiple users had a negative experience with the same position. A member of our Member Engagement team will reach out to address those issues as they arise.

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