When you are accepting work opportunities through tilr, you will be classified as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor on the tilr platform, you will be issued a 1099 form if your earnings on tilr have exceeded $600, whether those earnings are from one or multiple different opportunities on tilr. 

This 1099 form will serve as a record of your earnings with tilr in the current year. To receive this form, you will first need to complete a W-9 form confirming your personal information. 

You can complete your W-9 directly through the tilr app by pressing the tile labelled "Confirm your tax information for this year’s 1099." on the home screen of the tilr app. This will direct you to a screen where you can get started on your W-9.

Once you've completed your W-9 through the tilr app, you will receive an email within 5 business days to electronically sign the W-9. Your 1099 form will then be issued by the end of January following the current tax year. 

Note: If you have provided a W-9 in a previous tax year, you will only need to confirm your name and address to receive your current tax year 1099.

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