The My Jobs page gives you a snapshot of all of the jobs you’ve posted on the tilr platform. This page will display active, upcoming, completed and cancelled opportunities. 

For each job you will see the following details:

  • Job title
  • Start and end dates
  • Division / location 
  • Team member who posted the job
  • Specific stats related to the status (shifts remaining, number of acceptances, etc.)

You can search for a specific job or filter your search by division, location, or status. Clicking to filter by division/location or status will bring up a dropdown menu, where you can simply click to apply the filter you desire.

Active: jobs that are currently taking place
Upcoming: jobs that have a start date in the future
Completed: jobs that have ended
Canceled: jobs that were canceled before the start date or during the opportunity

You can follow or unfollow a particular job opportunity by clicking the bell icon. Learn more about notifications here. Also, you can view the Job Details page for the job by clicking on the job’s card.

The My Jobs page makes is easier for you to view a snapshot of your company’s jobs.

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