You can receive real-time updates when a member accepts, cancels, or opts out of a job. By default, you’ll also be reminded to rate your workers in real-time. Every week, you’ll receive a weekly work summary, which details the number of workers, opportunities, and hours worked for a week as well as your total payment for the week. You’ll also receive a week in review email, which breaks down each active opportunity you have on tilr, and an overview of how many tilr members matched, accepted, declined, and opted out of those opportunities. 

You will automatically be updated on all new jobs posted that you have permissions for, but you can stop receiving notifications for newly created opportunities by deselecting ‘Follow all jobs posted for my location(s)’. You can also turn off notifications for individual jobs from the My Jobs page.

These notifications can be individually toggled if you no longer want to receive certain information or would like to begin receiving certain information again. To alter your notifications on tilr, click the profile icon in the top right of your screen. This will display a dropdown menu, where you can select Notification Settings. On this screen, click the slider buttons to toggle on and off notifications that you would like to receive.

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