When a job goes live on tilr, it may be sent out to hundreds of tilr members. Everyone has the opportunity to accept the job, so jobs often fill quickly. Whenever a job becomes filled by other members on tilr, you will no longer be able to accept it directly and go to work. 

Instead, you’ll have the option to join the waitlist. By accepting a job labeled ‘waitlist only,’ you are letting us know that you would work the position if it became available. 

Why should you join the waitlist? 

By joining the waitlist for a job, you are given the chance to accept that job if it becomes available again. The job will become available if a member who already accepted the job is no longer able to go. 

Note that by being a part of the waitlist, you will not automatically be added to the job if an opening becomes available. You will still need to return to the tilr app and accept it, if it becomes available again.

You may not be the only person on the waitlist for a job, if the job becomes available again it will be first come, first served to accept it. The first person on the waitlist to accept the job in the app will then be responsible for the work. If you want to work for the job, be sure to accept the position as soon as you can. 

As always, once you accept the job expect a call from tilr to confirm you are ready and able to complete the job.

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