We’re happy to have you as part of the tilr Community! Your profile photo is an important part of your profile. Your photo may be seen by the tilr team and the companies you work with. You’ll want to ensure you have a profile photo that is professional and shows you clearly.

How to take a good profile photo

Ensure you are somewhere with good lighting and a solid colored background. Face the light so that there are no shadows in your picture.

Be sure to get your entire face into the photo - we recommend your photo to be from your shoulders up. No sunglasses, no hats, and no other people in the photo. And remember to smile! 😊

How to upload your photo to your profile in the app

To upload your photo, navigate to Settings on your menu. Select My Profile, and then the profile photo circle icon. Click the camera to take your profile photo or upload it from your library. Ensure you’ve given access to the tilr app to utilize your camera and library so you can take and upload your profile photo.

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